Auction House

Gangster Nation Guide

The Auction House is a feature on Gangster Nation that lets you sell credits, bullets, inventory items and vehicles. You can also bid on auctions that are active. When an auction closes, the highest bidder will receive the item. All auctions and auction bids are anonymous.

Bidding on auctions

All auctions will have an initial minimum value of $100. Any time you wish to outbid a previous bid your bid must be a minimum of 10% more than the previous big. For example, if the previous bid is $10k, your bid must be at least $11k.

Auctions will automatically lock at a random point in the last 20 seconds of it. When an auction is locked nobody can bid on it.

When bidding, you must have the amount you are bidding available on you as Cash. Money won’t be taken out of your bank. If you get outbid, the money you have bid will be refunded straight into your bank account.

Starting an auction

You can start auctions for credits, bullets or inventory items from the Auction House on the Start Auction tab. Just select the item you want to sell, a minimum bid, how long to list the auction for and how many of the same auctions you want to start at the same time.

If you want to sell a vehicle you can do some from Your Garage by selecting the vehicle(s) and using the Auction Vehicles option.

You may close an auction if it has no bids on it. You can do this by going to the Auction House and finding your auction and pressing the Close button.

When your auction ends, if it has received bids the earnings are paid into your bank account with a 10% fee deducted.

Note: To sell an inventory item, the item must be in your Standard Items inventory and have not been consumed (partially or fully).


The Statistics tab lets you view the average winning bids per bullet, credit and vehicle over the last 24 hours as well as the last 7 days. This can help you when deciding what to set your minimum bid at.