Family Members

Gangster Nation Guide

The Members screen allows you to view all members within your family. It is also where you can upgrade your member limit and send messages out to all family members.

Higher Members can invite and cancel pending invites from the Members screen. They can also kick Normal Members from the family. VIP Members have the same permissions as Higher Members but can also kick & demote Higher Members as well as promote Normal Members to Higher Members.

The Underboss of a family has the same permissions as a VIP Member but can manage VIP Members as well. The Underboss can’t change family settings such as the colour and name.

The Boss of as family can manage anything within the family. They can also appoint a new Boss & Underboss. Once a new Boss is appointed the old Boss is demoted to Underboss. If an Underboss is appointed then the old Underboss is demoted to a VIP Member.


VIP Members and above can send messages to family members using the Message tab.

Member limits

A family starts with 5 spaces available. To get more spaces a VIP Member or above can use the Upgrade tab to upgrade the member limit. The cost is $500k per upgrade up to 10 members and then $1m per upgrade for up to 20 members. At 20 members the upgrade cost is $2m for the final 5 spaces. This money is taken from the family bank.

During Deathmatch, the cost for upgrading members is reduced to $100k for all capacities.