Frequently Asked Questions

Gangster Nation Guide

These are the most common questions asked on the game.

Is there an iPhone app?

There is not currently an iPhone app. However you can add the website to your homescreen, then it will open full screen just as though you were using an app. See here for an example of how to do this.

How do I kill someone?

It’s expensive and time consuming to kill someone but the brief steps are:

  1. Locate your target using Detectives.
  2. Travel to your target’s city via the Airport.
  3. Shoot at your target on the Open Fire screen.

How do I join a family?

You must be invited by an existing member to join a family. You could ask around for an invite but this is a quick way to get blocked by many players. The best way to join a family is to play the game, make friends and wait for your invite to come naturally. Remember, as you level up and become more experienced, you will become a more desireable family member.

How do I start a family?

To start a family, go to the All Families screen, then scroll to the bottom. Note that you must be Level 14 and have $2,000,000 to start a family, although there will be additional costs to running your family.

How can I contact a game administrator or developer?

Just open a Help Request.

When does the round end?

A round will usually end on Day 105 but you’ll receive an alert to confirm when a round is ending 10 days before the finalised end date.