Gangster Nation Guide

Butchie needs your help and has a mission for you. If you complete it there will be a handsome reward paid out. Every time you successfully complete a mission your mission streak will increase by 1. However, should you decide to cancel a mission it will reset back to 0.

Mission types

There are 5 types of missions Butchie can ask for and these are listed below along with their rewards. You will never receive the same mission twice in a row, however other than that, the mission you receive is chosen randomly.

Get Your Points Up

You must gain 200 level points to be paid $75k. If you gain the 200 level points and press the Claim Reward button within 1 hour you will receive $250k. Any mentors you receive will count towards level points gained.

Splitting Bars

Make 20 prison busts to be paid $100k. If you complete this mission within 30 minutes then your prize is doubled to $200k.

Burnin’ Rubber

Butchie needs a vehicle that can do 0-60 in less than 5.0 seconds. Find one and give it to him and he will pay you $200k.

My Cousin Vinny

Butchie has a cousin called Vinny who’s looking for a few vehicles. You can complete the mission after providing just one vehicle or choose to provide the second and third vehicles. Butchie will pay you $100k for finding one vehicle, $500k for providing two vehicles and $1m for finding all three.

Tuned To The Max

Bring Butchie a vehicle that has been tuned at least 7 times and he will give you bullets for it. The amount of bullets you receive depends on the value of the car - value of car divided by 100 + 1000. For example, a $1m valued vehicle will give you 11k bullets.

Level points

A successful mission will gain you 5 level points. If you’re on a mission streak of 2 or more, you’ll gain an extra point for each consecutively passed mission, up to a maximum total gain of 25 level points. For example, your first successful attempt will gain 5 level points, the second consecutive successful attempt will gain 6 level points, the third 7 level points, etc, up to a maximum of 25 level points.

If you cancel a mission, you’ll gain 0 level points and your mission streak will reset lowering the level points gained on future successful missions.

Wait timer

If you succeed in a mission, you must wait 12 hours before requesting a new mission. However, if you decide to cancel a mission, the wait time is doubled to 24 hours.


The Statistics tab lets you view the gangsters with the highest mission streaks and most completed missions. It also lets you see your latest missions and your personal record (how many missions you’ve completed and what you’ve received in total).


The Right Hand Man and No Fear accolades can be earned through Missions.

Right Hand Man

No Fear