Scratch & Win

Gangster Nation Guide

Scratch & Win is a gambling game where you have 8 slots to scratch and need to find 3 of the same items to win a prize!

Each Scratch & Win card costs $2.5k to play and you get more cards the higher your level. Everyone starts with 5 cards at level 1 and you gain 5 more every 5 levels. For example, a level 15 receives 20. During Deathmatch there are changes to how many scratch & win cards you can purchase and how much they cost on Day 2 and Day 6.

How to Play

To play all you need to do is purchase a card and then click/tap on the boxes to reveal what is under them. If you find 3 of the same items in a card you will receive a prize relating to the item you found. For example, finding 3 cash icons will give you cash.


The prizes for Scratch & Win can be Cash, Bullets, Credits, Vehicles or Prison Bribes. If you don’t have a card that has 3 of one type then you won’t win anything. The final prize you get from each card is random. For example, getting 3 bullets might get you 100 bullets or 2000 bullets as the final prize.


Your Scratch & Win cards will automatically refill every day at midnight. You will also receive 5 extra cards during the day if you rank to a level where you would normally gain 5 more cards.

After you use all your Scratch & Win cards for a day you can refill them at the cost of 12 credits immediately. You can do this through the Scratch & Win screen or through the Credit Store by using the Refill Scratch & Win perk. You can refill your scratch & wins through credits up to 15 times per day.