Text Formatting

Gangster Nation Guide

Your profile content and forum posts can be formatted in various ways using 'BB Code'. This page gives you a quick reference to each type of code which can be used.

Bold text

[b]Your text here[/b]

Results in bold text.

Underlined text

[u]Your text here[/u]

Results in underlined text.

Strikethrough text

[s]Your text here[/s]

Results in strikethrough text.

Text size

[size=24]Your text here[/size]

Results in bigger text.

You can use any number instead of 24. The size is in pixels.

Coloured text

[color=red]Your text here[/color]

Results in red text.

You can use any supported colour name or a "hex value" (format like so: #FFFFFF) in place of "red".

The following external website can help with picking a colour code: https://color.hailpixel.com

Centered text

[center]Your content here[/center]

The content will be centered within your profile or post.



You can place any image URL inside the [img] tags to have the image display.

If you want to show an image from your device, you must first upload it to a service such as this one: https://vgy.me (copy the "Direct URL" and place within the [img] [/img] tags).

YouTube videos


You can place any YouTube video URL within the [youtube] tags to have that video display.